At Eugene Animal Hospital, we offer compassionate, specialized veterinary medical and surgical services for ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, sugar gliders, chinchillas, hedgehogs, other small pocket pets and reptiles.


Ferrets have a relatively short life span compared with that of cats and dogs and should be examined annually by a veterinarian. They need preventative vaccinations for canine distemper and rabies. Ferrets have a high incidence of endocrine disease (pancreatic tumors and adrenal gland disease), gastrointestinal disease (stomach and intestine), respiratory disease, and cancer. Ferrets frequently ingest objects they shouldn’t. Any loss of appetite or abnormal behavior should alert you to a potential problem and the need for veterinary consultation.

Gerbils, Guinea Pigs & Hamsters

These pets may be small, but they require special attention too! If you have a beloved gerbil, guinea pig, or hamster whose eating habits have changed, experiences nasal or eye discharge, or has a lump on its body, please bring her or him in for a visit.

Iguanas & Other Reptiles

These dynamic and colorful creatures frequently make their way to our offices for dietary and husbandry problems. The nutritional and husbandry needs for our reptile friends, while not overwhelming, are very particular. We strongly recommend that you make a consultation with our veterinarian to discuss these needs. Severe complications can arise when nutritional needs are not met.


Annual veterinary examinations are essential to the wellness of your rabbit. Rabbits are very sensitive to stress and this can cause an upset in the digestive tract. If they do not eat for a few hours or have diarrhea this is an emergency. If you notice significant changes in your rabbit’s dietary habits, loose stool/diarrhea, discharge of the eyes or nose, or your rabbit appears excessively reserved or withdrawn; we highly recommend you bring your rabbit in for an examination. Digestive disease, urinary disease, overgrown teeth, hairballs, cancer, and other infections are common.

Other Pets

Eugene Animal Hospital provides medical assessments and surgical procedures for a variety of other exotic animals including mice, rats, sugar gliders, chinchillas and hedgehogs. One of the most common difficulties affecting such pets is complications due to incomplete or unsatisfactory diets. We can provide ample support and information on the nutritional needs of such pets and encourage you to make a consultation with us on creating an appropriate dietary regimen for these precious animals.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (541) 342-1178.